"Jhazzin "

  ~~ WITH~~
Representing The Great State of TEXAS. Jhippzdance has added one more element to her arsenal of online talents. Jhazzin With Jhippzdance will tickle your senses in ways you never dreamed possible. Her creative delivery will have you mesmerized as you listen to each and every song she shares from her vast collection of jazz!
"Jhippz" as she is called by many. Has maintained a online presence for many, many years. In fact when I first met her online, we shared a instant connection in more ways then one. She became a instant sister, as well as friend,as well as hostess, and my Co-Host for Late Night Seduction! Together she and I took the Internet, and Social Networking to a whole new level! Over recent years, Jhippzdance has taken her love of music including all genres to a whole new level.
Hosting a variety of events including on and offline; when it comes to music and creativity Jhippzdance has without question proven when you share great music, understanding, quiet moments and effective communication; romance is more a given then a challenge!
Sit Back Relax, and prepare to be Captivated by some of the Best Jazz you'll ever hear!
W.E.W.N Women Empowering Women Network Presents,

& 10PM EST